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Associate Pastor


Happily married with three beautiful children and now two beautiful grandchildren.

Dominican by birth and American by adoption. Graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in  Santo Domingo and pediatric pulmonologist at the Paulista School of Medicine. He earned a Master of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.  He has worked as a mission developer for the ELCA, as a pastor and mission developer in various locations, and as a teacher in Illinois public schools. Since 2013, he has accepted the call at Emmanuel Lutheran Church and until now, directs the multicultural ministry in Naples, Florida.



Administrative assistant


Venezuelan with more than 5 years living in the United States. Since she arrived in the country, she gave her life to Christ and has been actively participating in the Emmanuel church. In 2017, she was hired full-time as an Administrative Assistant for the multicultural ministry Emmanuel Community Church and continues to be actively involved in various ministries. Among these ministries is her leadership in the Youth Ministry. In 2019, Frine became one of the students in the pastoral program at Emmanuel Academies, in which, after 5 years, she will earn a BA and a Master of Divinity.


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Children's Coordinator


She is happily married with three beautiful children and two grandchildren. He was born and raised in the Dominican Republic in the Christian faith.  He graduated as a doctor and pediatrician. He earned a Master of Arts from the Lutheran School of Divinity in Chicago, and a Master of Education from Quincy University in Chicago. She served the Lord for seven years as an Illinois Mission developer and as a public school preschool teacher for twelve years. Since 2013 she has worked alongside her husband in Naples, in their faith community. God has given her the gift of service and for her, it is a pleasure and a privilege to work for the Kingdom of God.


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