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A fun-focused blend of musical group activities within a Biblical context.

Opportunities for individual and group performance.

Musical instruments; keyboard, rhythm instruments.

Rhythm, listening and singing skills with traditional and contemporary Christian music.


All children in 1st-6th Grade are invited to participate!

More ages will be able to join as the program develops.


Wednesdays at 6:30-8:00pm. The program will start with a light meal at 6:30pm and continue with activities from 7-8:00pm. September 20 to November 15.


The program will be held at Emmanuel Lutheran Church (777 Mooring Line Drive, Naples, Florida). The initial gathering will be in the "Family Life Center" space.


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1- Fill out the registration form

The registration form is available at the church (drop off to the church office or Kathleen or Nieves) an online by clicking HERE.  

The registration/payment deadline is September 6th.

2- submit patment

Pay the corresponding amount *Cash, Check (payable to Emmanuel Lutheran Church) or Online by clicking HERE.

1 Child= $25

2 Children= $50

3 Children= $50

4 Children= $75


Scholarships available.

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